Introduction to Gold and Gold IRA Rollovers

Just how valuable is gold that it’s now an option for an Individual Retirement Account? Let’s go back for a moment at some references to help you understand how “treasured” and “valued” gold is and how it will always be appreciated no matter what the economic situation is of any country.

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In the 1999 film Three Kings, the story is centered on the gold heist by three American soldiers from Saddam’s stolen Kuwaiti gold, just after the war in Iraq. The movie which stars the ‘3 Kings’ George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube, will give you the “golden lesson” that gold is indeed a very important precious metal.

Archie Gates (Clooney), together with Troy Barlow (Wahlberg), Chief Elgin (Ice Cube) and Conrad Vig (Spike Jonze) took on an illegal expedition in Karbala bunkers, to seize Saddam’s gold bullion, which the dictator stole from Kuwait. Gates convinced the other soldiers on how gold can cover their retirement, which will make them give up their “odd jobs” when they’re not in military service.

Gold Stays Valuable in War
In the film, the Iraqi soldiers offered the American officers to take everything they want, from cars, appliances, jewelry, gadgets, cash, just about everything they can see in the bunker in Karbala – but the gold bullions. In the words of the Iraqis, “They will be killed by Saddam” if they give the gold, but Gates took all the gold anyway since he knows how precious this is.

In here, you can see where the gold stands even just after the war. The gold bullion is more valuable than cars, gadgets and even cash even in an uprising. It never depreciates, it stays the same (it even goes up) – just as cash already became useless after an economic collapse of a nation.

Why Choose Gold?
For now you might be asking, how valuable really is gold and why would you invest in gold, than any other metal on Earth. Other metals like silver, platinum or even palladium also have their value. But the economic stability of gold will always make it a very valuable asset. The scientific explanation given is that gold can’t be corrupted, tarnished or stained.

Ancient history has proven that gold coins became the universally accepted monetary exchange, that has stand the test of time – and we’re talking here for more than thousands of years, eons even before the first dollar or the first euro was printed.

Not to instil fear, but in a Pittsburgh Newspaper in 1973, monetary expert Dr.Franz Pick was quoted (in huge headline) “The Dollar Will be Wiped Out.” He was talking about the continuing devaluation and inflation on the economy at the time. It was a timeless piece of wisdom on choosing the right investment vehicle.

More so, if it will be for a pension scheme or individual retirement account, the more you should think on what you should have as an ideal investment. With confidence, I would state this ideal investment as the top rated gold ira companies.

“The gold standard, in one form or another, will prevail long after the present rash of national fiats is forgotten or remembered only in currency museums.” – Hans F. Sennholz, German-American economist

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